UPDATE: The City of Lexington was awarded a $14.1 Million TIGER Grant in 2016 rounding out the necessary funding for the Town Branch Trail portion of the Town Branch Commons project. As part of the TIGER Grant requirements this website must stay live through project completion. Visit the new project websites for the Trail and the Park for current information on each component of this project.


Project At-a-Glance

In Lexington, we like to refer to Town Branch Commons as a strip of Bluegrass running through downtown into the rural community. In fact, it’s much more. It’s a strip of history; of waterfront; of walking and cycling trail; and of economic potential. It’s a game changer for generations to come.

The 2016 TIGER funding offers the opportunity to complete this transformational corridor.

First the basics: Town Branch Commons Corridor is a 2.5 mile multi-modal path and park system that will wind through downtown Lexington, following the path of historic Town Branch Creek. It is being funded and built through a public-private partnership (P3). Through its unique design and stormwater management systems, this project will create an environmentally friendly livable, sustainable streetscape.

Town Branch Commons Corridor is the final link in an innovative project to connect Lexington’s rural and urban communities. It will connect to two established regional trails—the Legacy Trail and Town Branch Trail, establishing a connection between Lexington’s urban core and the magnificent Bluegrass countryside. Along the way, Town Branch Commons will connect the historic East End, the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden, three higher education campuses, the Downtown Transit Center, Lexington Civic Center, restaurants, entertainment venues, the emerging Distillery District, and the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Legacy and Town Branch trails already represent a $24 million investment in local, state and federal funds. Several citizens groups were involved the creating the trails, and their popularity with local citizens and tourists, is rapidly growing.


Town Branch Commons will provide an interconnected multi-modal trail system downtown that adds much needed public space and provides a safe alternative to vehicular travel. Mobility enhancements include completing critical gaps in trail and pedestrian infrastructure, separating bike infrastructure from vehicles, improving pedestrian facilities and providing safe pedestrian access to transit facilities, corridor safety improvements, and traffic calming features. The project also includes a significant application of bioswales and other green infrastructure to help manage storm water and improve both aesthetics and safety.

Town Branch Fund, a non-profit, partnering with the city, is leading a $50 million capital campaign to support the trail and associated parks along the corridor.

Appendices and Supporting Information

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A – Project engineering concept design sheets
B – Project Full Cost Estimate
Project Scaled Cost Estimate
C – Benefit Cost Analysis Tech Memo
Benefit Cost Analysis Tier 1 (excel file)
Benefit Cost Analysis Tier 2 (excel file)
D – Applicant Commitments & Funding Obligations (1)
Applicant Commitments & Funding Obligations (2)
E – Project Partner Letters of Support (Links to individual letters under Project Partners and Supporters)
F – Federal wage rate certification letter
G – Project Schedule
H – Related Town Branch Commons Studies and Reports
Town Branch Commons Corridor Open Space Feasibility Report
RAAED Master Plan
Legacy Trail Implementation
Town Branch Trail Master Plan
Extending Legacy Trail
Town Branch Commons A Strategic Master Plan
Town Branch Commons Green Infrastructure Podcast

Applicant Contact Information

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Office of the Mayor
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Office: 859-258-3100
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